How to manage your facebook page posts like a boss?

Almost every small business now has a Facebook page. If you are the owner of a local business and don’t have the facebook page, you should create one now.

Mike owns a plumbing business and has a team of 5 people who work with him. He and his team are busy working on plumbing jobs. Mike has created a Facebook page for his business a long time ago but he is too busy to manage the Facebook page on daily basis.

Most of the small business owners have the similar stories, they are too busy to manage facebook page, or don’t know what to post on the facebook page. In this post, I am going to share some ideas which you can implement right away.

Set a habit of posting daily

Facebook page represents your business and can bring you new customers in the future, so you should consider maintaining and posting on the facebook page. You should post at least one times in a day on FB page.

Have the goal in mind

While posing on the facebook page or maintaining it, you should have a clear idea why you are managing facebook page. Whether you want to engage with your audience, generate sales or just want to do branding. Every facebook posts should be aligned with your goal.

Set a friendly tone

Being a small business you can use a friendly tone with your customers and fans. This will help you to connect with your users and build trust. Whenever replying to comments or posting on the page, use the friendly tone.

Maintain the quality content ratio

If you are just going to post promotional stuff on your page, no one is going to like it. To get more likes to your facebook page and posts you need to provide real value to users. I personally prefer to post 3 valuable posts than 1 promotional post.

Content ideas for facebook posts

Here are some content posting ideas which you can use for your page:

1. Post your product or service updates

You can post about your product or service or new offering from your business. Just make sure that you are maintaining the quality posts ratio. So your page doesn’t look too promotional to users.

2. Post photo of customers using your product or service

Always post photo or video of customers using your service or product. Such types of post showcase your product or service in a positive light to your customers. It also encourages other users to post on social media about your product or service.

3. Share curated content with your thoughts

You can share a relevant blog post, infographic or video with your audience. Just make sure to add your own thoughts to it before sharing on the facebook page. Adding your thoughts about content will give clear understanding to users why should they click on the post.

4. Post personal post once in a while

Sometimes you can post your personal posts on the facebook page to connect with your audience on a personal level. You can share your photos of recent travel, playing with your daughter, pets, etc. Such types of post give your business a personal touch.

5. Ask a question or poll

Ask users questions like “this or that” make them pick a side. Just make sure don’t make it political, and keep it relevant to your business or yourself. You can also post a poll on your facebook page and ask users to vote it. Use polls for getting users to an opinion on how to improve your service or make your product better, etc.

6. Post a discount

You can post small discount once in while on your facebook page and make it routine like posting discount on every last Friday of each month. The users will wait for such posts and it will create engagement on your page.

7. Behind the scenes photos/videos

Share your or your teams behind the scenes photos. If you are a restaurant owner, you can share how your kitchen looks in busy hours. If you are celebrating your employees birthday at your office, share the pics on the facebook page.

8. Share your blog posts

If you are creating a new blog post for your website blog post than you can share those posts on the facebook page to get traffic to your blog.

9. Post quality post again and again with intervals

If your website has quality content which was liked by the audience in the past, post that content again and again in a timely manner like every 2 weeks.

10. Holiday Posts

Celebrate each and every relevant holiday on your facebook page. Share images of your team celebrating the holiday or just post the holiday wish to your page audience.

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